Columns are a great addition to any home, adding grand style to your exterior. Add this classic look to your home this year with HB&G’s Permacast® and PermaLite® columns, available at Rocco Building Supplies! You may be wondering, what is the difference between Permacast® and PermaLite®, which should I choose, and why?

PermaLite® Columns

HB&G Permacast® columns are the most used columns in the United States! They are made from a proprietary blend of fiber-reinforced polymers. They provide an aesthetically pleasing column with exceptional structural capabilities. These durable and low-maintenance columns provide a seamless look to your front porch that stands up to the elements like no other product on the market. Rocco has various styles of Permacast® columns available including round tapered columns, square non-tapered columns, square tapered columns, and RoughSawn® square non-tapered columns.

HB&G PermaLite® columns are cost-effective, load-bearing, and a versatile option to use. PermaLite® is available in a square non-tapered option at Rocco Building Supplies. PermaLite® columns also have the added benefit of coming ready to prime and paint. They are the perfect weatherproof and low-maintenance option for a porch!

We may be biased; however, we think either of these options will look great on your porch or patio this year! Reach out to your local Rocco Representative to place an order today!