Looking to add some light into your home this spring? Look no further. The 301 PVC Patio Door by Novatech is the answer. This versatile and efficient patio door is a must-have this spring. If you are renovating your home, condo, or apartment, consider adding the 301 PVC Patio Door to expand your scenic view. Its minimalist frame and large glass surface provides unobstructed views, perfect for scenic gardens, beaches, cityscape, or wherever your home is located. Not a fan of a big picture window all the time? No worries. Enhance your privacy by adding integrated mini blinds.

The 301 PVC Patio Door is not only a beauty piece to add to your home but it is built for multiple conditions. The 301 PVC model features a high degree of protection against water infiltration, making it well suited to residences located near water. Its all-PVC construction makes it easy to clean and its system of rollers maximizes smooth, easy operation.

Rocco Building Supplies is proud to carry three different profiles of the 301 PVC Patio Door. Currently, we carry the 301 Fullview Low-E,the 15-Lite Flat GBG with Low-E, and the Fullview Low-E with white blinds. All 301 PVC profiles in stock are cream white. Be sure to get an order in today and add this beautiful patio door to your next home project.