It’s Purchasing and Marketing Appreciation Week here at Rocco!

Celebrate the team with us:

Chad Hiner, Misty Gentry-Reed, Kirill Pavlovskiy, and Melissa Pennington.  

This dedicated team consists of Purchasing/Marketing Managers, Specialists, and Coordinators. They work together to be the backbone and support for Rocco’s Customer Service Representatives and Salesmen with their product knowledge and sample materials.  

Kirill Pavlovskiy stated that within his position, as Purchasing/Marketing Specialist, “No day is ever the same, it’s a constant adventure.” He gets the opportunity to work with different vendors and manufacturers to bring stock material to Rocco daily. He is of great assistance to the Customer Service Team!

Chad Hiner has a great amount of experience in Purchasing at Rocco Building Supplies. Hiner has worked at Rocco for a total of twenty years! He stood as Rocco's Product Manager for twelve of those years and was recently promoted to Purchasing Manager! After all this time, what he enjoys most about Rocco is “The variety of tasks that the position offers and the opportunity to work with a bunch of great people!”

Misty Gentry-Reed is the newest member of the group! She is quickly learning the details for Purchasing alongside her fellow colleagues. Gentry-Reed notes that, “Rocco is a very customer-oriented business who also cares about a work/life balance.” She’s right! Rocco prides itself in its safe, inviting, and respectful working environment along with its commitment to customers.  

Finally, Melissa Pennington! Pennington works with the physical marketing materials like decking, railing, and siding samples. When she provides these samples to salesmen and customers, she includes their color-varieties through fan-decks and offers print literature. Pennington has these materials available for both stock and special-order products!  

We couldn’t do it without you all here at Rocco Building Supplies! Thank you for being such a wonderful set of behind-the-scenes support for our organization.  

Happy Rocco Purchasing and Marketing Appreciation Week!