TYPAR BuildingWrap™, MetroWrap™, and DrainableWrap™ are the cornerstones of TYPAR's weather protection lineup. BuildingWrap delivers unmatched toughness, with tear strength that is 5x greater than its competition, intelligently balancing moisture control. MetroWrap is the choice for larger commercial projects, boasting tear strength that is also 5x greater than its competition, along with UV resistance and seamless compatibility with TYPAR's accessories. DrainableWrap is perfect for wet coastal climates, providing water shedding and exceptional tear strength.


TYPAR's flashings cover all the bases with all-temperature, butyl, and flexible options. These flashings remain flexible even in extreme cold, provide compatibility with most caulks, and ensure efficient air and moisture sealing around various building components.


TYPAR Building Products, from Construction Tape to their exceptional wraps and flashings, provide the ultimate weather protection for residential, commercial, and multi-family buildings. Trust in TYPAR's unmatched performance and comprehensive solutions to safeguard your construction projects against the elements, ensuring long-lasting durability and energy efficiency.

Construction Tape

Below, is an attachment of the item numbers for the TYPAR products in Rocco's inventory: