Did you know that you can combine SCREENEZE® & SNAPTRACK together?  The answer is yes you can.   

SCREENEZE® is a fixed screen system that features an Aluminum Base and a Vinyl Cap. When snapped together, this system stretches and secures the screen fabric easily for you and is available in 8’ and 12’ lengths and includes color coordinated screws.  

SNAPTRACK is a patented no-spline screen porch system featuring a “T” shaped aluminum base and vinyl cap that snap together to secure screen fabric. It has added benefits of pre-drilled aluminum and hidden screws, it is also available in 8’ lengths.


You can only use SCREENEZE® and SNAPTRACK together on a single panel doing a Corner Mount. You can do straight cuts with a Corner Plinth or miter the corners together. Below is a drawing to visualize the combination. 

Here's a detailed breakdown to provide a clearer distinction between SCREENEZE® and SNAPTRACK!: