Rocco carries your TimberTech® fastener needs! These high-quality fasteners give decks added strength and integrity for years to come. TimberTech® fasteners are the best fastening systems to install decking!


TOPLoc® fasteners are color-matched, stainless steel decking fasteners painted to match any TimberTech® or AZEK® decking. TOPLoc® for AZEK® are 305 grade stainless steel screw that are ACQ approved with a TORX® ttap® drive system for a wobble-free installation. TOPLoc® for PRO® and EDGE® are designed for dense composite material.


FUSIONLoc® fasteners are stainless steel clips that provide a secure board-to-joist connection with a hidden appearance. These are compatible with all TimberTech® grooved deck boards.


CONCEALoc® fasteners are screws and clips with a matte brown finish for a hidden appearance. These stainless steel clips have long-term performance. They are compatible with all TimberTech® grooved deck boards.


SIDELoc™ is used to drive stainless steel screws to the perfect depth creating an 1/8 inch board spacing. This hidden fastener system require no pre-drilling and is compatible with all TimberTech® AZEK® deck boards.


EGDELoc™ fasteners come in a 12-clip strip to help reduce installation time. These hidden fasteners are easy to use. They are compatible with all TimberTech® EDGE® grooved deck boards.


Cortex® are top-down fasteners with color-matched plugs made from TimberTech® deck boards for a fastener-free surface. They are compatible with all TimberTech® deck boards.

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