Did you know Rocco offers three of TYPAR’s most popular house wraps? That’s right! Rocco Building Supplies offers TYPAR’s building wrap, metro wrap, and drainable wrap. These house wraps each have unique features that will suit your home.


Building wrap is tough and strong and will stand up to the elements of your job site. With building wrap structures are kept more comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe. Building wrap offers extraordinary tear strength (5x better than the competition). It has exceptional holdout that blocks air and water from getting in as well as optimal breathability. You will find excellent surfactant resistance with building wrap which reduces damage from oils, tannins, and soaps. An added benefit is that no degradation from sunlight will be possible for up to six months. Co-label is also available exclusively for building wrap!


TYPAR’s drainable wrap offers serious defense against excess water. With an additional layer of integrated polypropylene fibers, drainable wrap creates a highly efficient drainage gap. This wrap drains bulk water significantly faster than most conventional house wraps. Drainable wrap is code-compliant, and one-of-a-kind.


Metro wrap is changing the game with the ability to cover over four stories. Metro wrap is engineered to deliver levels of toughness that go above and beyond in protecting multi-family dwellings, light commercial projects, and large commercial structures. Metro wrap is especially great for when that one project is taking just a bit longer than expected, it can be exposed to sunlight for up to 12 months with no UV degradation. The tear-strength of metro wrap is 5x greater than competition and boosts energy-efficiency. Metro wrap will not support mold growth and resists surfactant damage.


Don’t these house wraps sound great? Well, they just got even better. Included with all wraps are TYPAR’s Weather Protection LifetimeLimited System Warranty. Lifetime Limited System Warranty is for products comprising the entire building envelope of a new structure up to three stories in height. To qualify, the entire building envelope of the structure must be constructed exclusively of a combination of the products that includes at least one product from each of the three product categories (wrap, flashing, and tape). The Limited Lifetime System Warranty shall apply only to a structure on which the products are installed during original construction.


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