Whether inside or outside your home, the allure of stone creates a sophisticated look that captivates the eye. At Rocco, we proudly offer a diverse range of stones from StoneCraft, each crafted to add a unique touch to any setting. Let's explore the stunning variety:


**Cobble Series**: Textured sandstone, weather-worn edges, and individuality in every stone. Sizes from 2.5″–12″height and 4″–21″ length.

·       Corner and Flat Colors: Grey, Valley Forge

Grey Cobble Series

**Fieldstone Series**: Rustic European charm with bold angular shapes and rugged textures. Heights from 2″–18″ and lengths from 4″–18″.

·       Corner and Flat Colors: Pennsylvania, Bucktown, Valley Forge, Colorado, Warm Springs

Colorado Fieldstone

**Heritage Series**: Warm, traditional, and elegant, with rugged rectangular ashlar shapes. Heights from 2.25″–8″ and lengths from 3.5″–17″.

Corner and Flat Colors: Hamilton, Pennsylvania, Warm Springs, Chardonnay, Bucktown, Wisconsin

Pennsylvania Heritage

**Ledgestone Series**: Harmonious blend of rugged texture and contemporary design. Heights from 1″–5″ and lengths from 5″–21″.

·       Corner and Flat Colors: Bucktown, Chardonnay, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Kingsford Grey, Hamilton

Chardonnay Ledgestone

**Laurel Cavern Ledge Series**: Timeless stonesfrom North Carolina's cliffs. Heights from 1″–3.5″ and lengths from 5″–17″.

·       Corner AND Flat Colors: Chardonnay, Pennsylvania, Asher, Tennessee, Hamilton

Pennsylvania Laurel Cavern Ledge

Complete the look with StoneCraft's exquisite accessories - receptacle boxes, light boxes, rock face sills, wainscot sills, trim stone, keystones, and hearthstones- available in Espresso, Grey, and Cream.

*All accessories pictured are Espresso colored